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Drain Cleaner Calabash, NC

Drain Cleaning and Rooter service 

Clog drains are the worst! They also never come at a convenient time. When your home or business in Calabash, NC has drains that need cleaning or clearing call Avery & Sons. We service Calabash , NC and have the equipment and know how needed to clear even the toughest clogs. 

Top reasons drains fail and get clogged in Calabash, NC 

  • Roots!  They don't typically break the pipe but make their way into pipes that are already compromised. 

  • Grease!   Fats, oils and grease are the biggest culprits for kitchen sink drain clogs in Calabash, NC 

  • Hair!  Hair is typically the cause of a clog very close to the surface of the fixture, this usually does not require a pipe snake. 

  • Collapsed pipe!  Clay, cast iron, and orangeburg are the materials that were used mid century in Calabash ,NC. They were only going to last for so long and it is very common that these pipes collapse under the weight of the dirt above them. 

  • Negative slope!  Poop rolls down hill...its what you learn day 1 in plumbing. If the pipe isn't installed with the proper slop or is forced upward in the center because of flooding the pipe has to be re-installed with proper slope on it. 

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