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Toilet repair and installation in Shallote

Toilet installation and repair

It'll be easy they said, do it yourself they said...BUT they didn't tell you that you would have to make 5 trips to the hardware store and the toilet would later leak and ruin your new hardwoods. Toilet repairs and installation are best left to the professionals in Shallote, NC. We are licensed and insured and will do it right the first time. Give us a call today!

Some pro tips to help you in your toilet installation and repair in Shallote, NC

  • Make sure the flange isn't too low. A low flange can allow water to damage the subfloor or even the hardwoods surrounding the toilet. It is very common in Shallote homes, especially slabs, for the flange to be too low. The proper fix is to raise or replace the flange. When this is not feasible you can use 2 wax rings. Just be sure to feel the "squish" when setting the toilet. ​

  • Wax is best. There are waxless seals sold but we have found that they allow sewer gas odors to manifest. 

  • Always caulk the toilet. 2 bolts can keep a toilet from coming up but do little to prevent the rotation of the toilet when heavier folks sit on the toilet. 

  • Be sure the toilet you buy is the right shape! it is super easy to pick up a round toilet instead of elongated. 

  • If a toilet is older than 20 years, a repair is likely a bad investment. Eventually the jetways in a toilet get clogged with mineral residue and this is not easily fixed. 

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