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What is the best toilet?

Asking me what my favorite toilet is is like asking me my favorite tool. My answer is 100% going to be dependent on what I need the tool to do for me. So here are the different things to consider when choosing the right toilet.

  • Water spot. The size of the reservoir in the toilet bowl. If it he water spot is too small the toilet may be susceptible to staining or skid marks.

  • Bowl cleaning time. Quite often a powerful flush is traded for a slow more cleanly flush. A flush that washes the side of the bowl. If you want a toilet that has a forceful flush you may get less self cleaning time.

  • Toilet height. Toilets come in comfort height / ADA and standard height. If you have back or knee problems a comfort height toilet can make a big difference in your life.

  • Round or Elongated. If you have the room, and a male is likely to be sitting on the toilet an elongated bowl is preferable.

  • Noise. Low profiel toilets are the quietest toilets available.

  • Price. The cost of a toilet can range greatly so it is important to read reviews for all toilets.

  • Distance off the wall. A standard toilet is 12" from the sheetrock to the bolts holding it down. If the bolts are closer to the wall you will need to purchase a 10" rough toilet. If it is farther from the wall you may consider a 14" rough toilet to avoid to large a gap behind the toilet.

We hope this helps you in your toilet buying decision and you will consider Avery & Sons Plumbing + tankless for all your toilet needs.

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