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What is the pink residue around my plumbing fixtures?

Quite often I'm asked to solve problems through water filtration and the most common problem I am asked to solve is removing the pink residue that shows up around shower heads and most commonly in toilets that are not used every day. The pink residue is actually an airborne mildew that thrives in moist places such as toilet water and shower heads. It can also be found on shower curtains.

Unfortunately, this pink residue is airborne and does not live inside the water itself. Since this is the case the problem can not be solved through water filtration.

How can I get rid of the pink residue? To get rid of the pink residue one must understand what mildew loves. Mildew loves and thrives in dark wet places. The reason it settles where it does is that the area stays wet long enough for it to grow. Some simple solutions include:

  • Drying the problem area after use

  • Flushing the toilet daily where the residue occurs

  • Adding a coloring cleaner to the toilet's fill-up system that bypasses the tank and cleans the water with every flush. Any chemical that does not bypass the tank and sits in the tank can damage the components.

  • Adding a self cleaning station to your shower that sprays the walls and curtains after each use

  • Squeagie the shower after each use.

We hop you found this information useful. For all your plumbing, tankless, drain, gas, and water filtration needs call Avery & Sons @ 910-999-9951

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