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Tankless Navien water heater in Calabash, NC  .jpeg

Tankless water heater repair and installation 

Brands we service in Calabash 

  • Rinnai 

  • Navien 

  • Tekagi

  • Noritz

  • Eternal 

  • and more.....

Tankless water heater installation in Calabash 

Tankless water heaters won't work in every situation, so it is important to consider these factors: 

  • The intake and exhaust of the vent for the water heater. This is one of the main reasons indoor tankless water heaters are not always feasible inside Calabash condos. It is also important to know that the existing vent for a conventional water heater is not suitable for the forced air vent system of tankless water heaters. 

  • Gas service. At Avery & Sons we are endorse gas tankless water heaters but believe that electric tankless water heaters are not perfected technology. For this reason we need to be sure that there is a gas supply for the tankless water heater and that it can be brought to the desired location of the tankless water heater. 

There are many benefits to converting to tankless water heater in Calabash and here they are: ​

  • Space saving! Get that water heater out of the closet, install the tankless water heater outside and gain more storage and also mitigate the risk of a leak inside your house. 

  • Energy savings! Tankless water heaters use minimal electricity and only use gas when you are using hot water. Customers can expect to save  the maximum amount of money when converting from electric conventional water heater to a gas tankless water heater 

  • Endless hot water! Anyone with teenagers in the house can testify to the absurd lengths of time they spend in the shower. With a tankless water heater this is NOT an issue. They can stay in the shower as long as the gas supply will last and that's a LONG time.

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